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Company Registration

Company registration is a process to register a legal entity through which the company gets a legal infrastructure to conduct its operations.

Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is a type of company that has limited liability and provides legal protection to its members (shareholders).

Section 8 Company

Section 8 Company is a business entity associated with a Non-Profit organization whose purpose is to promote charitable causes.

Startup Registration

Startup Registration refers to registration of a business entity which promises innovation, revenue and hope for the future by benefiting from government schemes and projects.

ISP License

Internet Service Provider (ISP) License, issued by the Department of Telecommunications, is the permission granted to ISPs to provide internet access to the people and businesses.

UL VNO License

Virtual Network Operator (VNO) License provides an approval to purchase and resell internet, voice, and Internet telephony services to their customers within a district or state.

TEC Certification

TEC certification is a mandatory certification that every telecom equipment dealer must get to be able to import, manufacture and sell telecommunications equipment.

DOT -IP-1 Registration

IP1 License is the authorization given by the Department of Telecommunication to provide passive telecom infrastructure resources to ISPs/TSPs..

Insurance Web Aggregator License

Insurance Web Aggregator license is an authorization to aggregate, accumulate and present information about insurance products of different insurance companies.

Insurance Broker License

Insurance Broker license is the authorization for formulating laws for entities which act as an intermediary between insurance policy seekers and insurance companies.

Insurance Marketing Firm

Insurance Marketing Firm is an entity that solicits or procures insurance products, undertakes insurance services and distributes financial products.

Insurance Self Network Platform

Insurance Self Network Platform is an e-commerce portal dedicated to dealing with insurance services in India.

FFMC License

Full-Fledged Money Changer license allows a company to carry out foreign exchange for specific purposes after a prior approval from the Reserve Bank of India.

NBFC License

Non-Banking Financial Company license is the authorization issued by RBI to certain business entities that provide certain bank-like financial services but do not hold a banking license.

P2P License

P2P license is a legal approval to start a P2P Lending platform in which lenders and buyers are in direct contact with each other, with no middleman involved.

Payment Gateway License

Payment Gateway License is the RBI issued license that allows establishing and running a payment gateway through which e-transactions take place.

Trademark Registration

It is an IPR or an intellectual property right through which you can be the exclusive owner of your trademark in the eyes of the law.

Trademark Assignment

Trademark Assignment is the process of changing ownership of a registered trademark following legal procedures by way of assignment or licensing.

Trademark Infringement

Trademark infringement means breaching the right to use the registered trademark of others or using someone's registered trademark without their permission.

Trademark Investigation

Trademark Investigation means investigating individuals behind the trademark infringement and providing the company with sufficient evidence to take the appropriate action(s).

Annual Compliances for Pvt Ltd

The Annual Compliances for Private Company are mandatory compliances that need to be filed on regular intervals in order to be legitimate in the eyes of law.

Annual Compliances for LLP

Annual Compliances for LLP should be filed periodically for maintaining compliance and escape heavy penalty under the law for non-compliance.

Annual Compliance for Public Limited Company

The annual compliances for PLC should be submitted to the Registrar of Companies within a year, failure of which can cause the public company owner to pay heavy penalties.

Annual Compliance for Producer Company

Annual compliances for a producer company are mandatory obligations to make the company more responsible in the eyes of the government.

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